Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am so glad that they took the black plastic thing that they used to cover our windows. Our windows need to be fixed, so they had to cover the windows. Our living room looked like a cave for few days. It was very dark. You cannot tell if it is dark already unless you have to really check outside. But at least it’s over now. Although they are not done yet but the plastic thing is gone. People were coming in out of our living room this afternoon. I was happy when they said, “Bye. See you tomorrow.”, before my husband left to work. I don’t like men in my place especially if I’m by myself. Don’t ask. But to my surprise, after few minutes my husband left I heard knock on my door. Oh no! Two Mexican standing by the door saying they will fix the windows. What? After a while they left. And then another knock, four men standing there saying they have to check something. Give me a break guys. I thought you will finish this tomorrow. I am having fun with my video karaoke here. I don’t want to sing while you guys are listening. Hurry up please…

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