Sunday, September 14, 2008


It’s been a while that I did not talk to my family by phone, so I decided to phone them last night. I talked to my mama for nearly an hour. But I do not understand because everytime I talk to her, it makes me feel sad. May be because all I hear from mama is complaining about this and that, especially money budget since almost everybody is very dependent to mama. Early in the morning she is already in the bad mood because of the noisy kids (her grandchildren) running around the house. So every time I talk to her, it makes me feel guilty. I have not done enough. Well, I can’t blame my mama in the first place. Eventhough I send money twice a month, still not enough, so many mouths to feed, so many students to support. My brother and my sister just got a job. Its a good news though it’s not a high paying job. But at least it will add up to what I send to them. Plus, everything in the Philippines is very expensive now. Grrr… So, even if I send to them more 20,000 a month still not enough. I just feel so bad for mama. I think she needs a break.

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