Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This is for my Papa!

I miss my Papa. How I wish he's still with us right now. It is really having no father. It made my family not complete. I am just lucky to have my mama who is strong enough to stand as a mother and a father to all of us. You may rest in peace Pa. We love you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was so tired today. I did not get enough sleep last night. I went to bed pretty early but I just could not sleep. I hate when it happens to me. I do not know if just got excited that our vacation to the Philippines has been finalized. I can not wait to see my family again; my mama, brothers, sisters and of course my nieces and nephews. I wonder how big they are now. I hope our second vacation will be more fun than the last time. heyeyyy!!!! I’m comin’ home.

Monday, February 23, 2009


(Try It) On My Own - Sheryn Regis
I'm wiser now
Im not the foolish girl you used to know
So long ago
I'm stronger now
I've learned from my mistakes which way to go
And I should know
I put myself aside to do it my way
But now i need to do it all alone

And I am not afraid to try it on my own
I don't care if I'm right or wrong
I'll live my life the way I feel no matter what I'll keep it real
You know
Time for me to do it on my own

(Verse 2)
It's over now
I can't go back to living through your eyes
To many lies
And if you dont know by now
I cant go back to being someone else
not anymore
I never had the chance to do it my way
So now it's time for me to take control

And I am not afraid to try it on my own
I don't care if I'm right or wrong
I'll live my life the way I feel no matter what I'm gonna keep it real
You know
Time for me to do it on my own

(Verse 3)
Oh, I start again go back to one
I'm running things in my way
cant stop me now I've just begun
Don't even think about
It there aint no way about it
I'm taking names go down the line
Yes I'm gonna take my turn
It's time for me to
Finally stand alone
Stand alone

(Hook)ad libs
I am not afraid to try it on my own
I don't care if im right or wrong
I'll live my life the way i feel no matter what I'm gonna keep it real
You know
It's time for me to do it

See I am not afraid to try it on my own
I don't care if im right or wrong
I'll live my life the way i feel no matter what I'm gonna keep it real
You know
It's time for me to do it on my own

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


These are my three little toodlers who moved to the next classrooms. I miss them being in my room. Although I visit them sometimes for couple minutes in their new room but them being with me the whole day is really different. I am glad that they are having fun with thier new teachers and friends. Good luck guys! This is Giovanni. We call him Gio-gio. He loves being tickled. He is my sweet Gio-gio.
This is Maggy. Sometimes we call her Mag-mag. She is smart and sweet. She loves to talk. She just turned 2 last month but she talks very well. You'll love talking to her.

And lastly my Thomas. He got a lot of necknames. We call him Tommy, Tom or T. You will love him talking. He is also very smart. Ask him question and he'll sure answer you. He is also sweet.
We miss you guys...


To my little friend Gio-gio. This car is for you as my gift. Hoping you'll feel better after that little accident. I know how much you love cars and trucks. We love you and we miss you in our classroom. Take care bud. No more ouchie.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We took their shirts off 'coz we did not have bibs and we did not want them to get dirty. They had so much fun. Thanks to all the parents who were very supportive and made this party happened.


This is what my husband Tony gave me on Valentines Day. A necklace. My birthstone. Thank you so much for this gift. Thank you for being sweet.



HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA! myspace graphic comments
Myspace Happy Birthday Graphics


Today is my mom’s 59th birthday (Philippine time). I was thinking of calling her to greet her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. But then, those who have a better cellphone aren’t home. My two brothers who are at home are both have broken cellphones. My mom can’t hear me when I talk to her using my brothers’ cellphones. I did send text to my sister to send my greetings to mama but of course no reply from her since there is no signal in her work place. And I did send the same text to my niece but she is at school. But she promised me that she’ll send my greetings to mama. It is sad being away from home and can’t be there on your mama’s special day. I hope they’ll do something for mama to make her happy, at least on her birthday.


Monday, February 9, 2009


I spent my Saturday and Sunday baby-sitting just to earn extra money. I have 2 days off work this coming payday. That is why I was trying to earn money on the weekend to cover up my paycheck. I got bad cough and cold so I wasn’t really feeling well but still I managed it. Still my throat hurt. My cough is giving me headache. But I would say that I am better now than the last three days. I got more energy and spirit. I take medicine if my husband reminds me. LOL. Crazy me.

Monday, February 2, 2009


A week or two ago I was complaining about my throat hurting. It sort of comes and goes. And right now, I have it, plus dry cough. My throat is painful especially when I cough. I am taking Benadryl at night. Few nights ago it seemed that the medicine was working. But last night I was bothered by the cough. I was coughing and coughing a lot eventhough I took the medicine. Oh… I hate cough. I hope it will go away very soon. And I hope my voice will not go away since I feel like it. I was wondering if I am allergic to something or I just got this from my kids at work. I tried drinking much water as much as I can since I’m not good drinker. Hoping this will help.


I had a busy weekend which was good. Saturday, I was baby-sitting from 8:00 am to 6:00pm. It was not bad at all. Since I had good night sleep the night before I was not tired during the day. Well, it was kind of boring though. There wasn’t so much to do. These kids were sleeping most of the time which gave me ample time to watch Sister Act 2. I saw some parts of it on TV but not really the whole story. And yes I was entertained by it. It was cool all in all since they gave me $120. Pretty good sideline, huh. But I left the household chores undone on that day. So I spent my Sunday doing these chores. I was sad because I did not have time with my hubby. It is really hard having different schedule, him working night and me working day. But what else can I do except to embrace the reality that we are opposite in terms of time.