Monday, October 27, 2008


I felt so tired today after work. I can hardly move because my body really hurt. I did not get enough sleep last night. I slept about 4 hours only. It was my fault though because I stayed late watching an older movie called “Patch Adam”. It is a true story and a good movie. I enjoyed it so much that I did not pay attention to the time. Although it is a serious movie but it also makes you laugh.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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I've been in U.S. for more than two years already. And it is more than two years that I've never been to church like what I normally did when I was in the Philippines. I feel guilty. My husband and I have different faith. Although, this is not really the main reason why I do not go to church. There is more. But even if I do not go to church, I still believe in Him, pray to Him privately. But I know this isn't enough. This is the reason why I am guilty. I pray that He will forgive me for all my shortcomings.


I chatted with my sister last Friday evening our time. Mama was with her and my niece. It gotten sentimental when my mama saw me the my web cam. She was crying. She made me cry too. Oh God! I miss them so much. But after a while my mama calmed down and we were able to talk through headphone. She did not hear me very well since some of the people at the café were noisy. I had to type what I had to say when she did not hear me. We still had good times. We talked a lot of things. I wanted to talk to them longer but it was getting too late for me. I was planning to call them soon. I am happy to see my mama’s face, my sister’ and my niece’.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


At last I have finished decorating my kids’ arts. Eventhough the information was passed very late but I was still able to make these look nicer. But I am so tired doing it myself. My whole body is aching. I got headache. My neck hurts and my arms. My back hurts. I feel like I don’t want to go to work tomorrow but I need money. Damn! It is always money. I am not a material girl. Only Madonna is. We need money for many reasons. And I think you why. Well, I need to rest now. How I wish my husband is here. I need somebody to put oil on my back to ease the pain. But it’s ok. I’ll just rest and hope this will get better tomorrow when I wake up. Good night everyone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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I got bad hit and good hit today. Let’s start with the bad first. Well, our assistant director came up to my classroom today and told me that we are going to have another art exhibit. It is not really a big deal to me until I learned about the date. It will happen this Friday. Are you kidding me? How can we do this within two days period? You know where our arts go? Huh! I told her that it is too close to the deadline. Then, she told me that she informed me two weeks ago? What? I did not remember that. I did not remember her coming in, telling me or us about this coming exhibit. She reasoned out saying, “Well if it wasn’t you it was your partner that I told.” But my partner did not know about this, not until I told her. I found out from the other teachers that they were just informed today too. I don’t know. This makes me crazy. I don’t know why they are doing this.

Good hit!

I got a camera. It just made me happy because I got it for free which is to me is really good deal. Although it wasn’t know since my husband does not want me to buy my own camera. He wanted me to use his. It is not very comfortable for me using his camera. I wanted my own. But I am glad that I was being patient. Now I got the reward a good camera for free.

Monday, October 13, 2008


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My Sunday was cool. I did not do anything except finishing my laundry and making my husband’s lunch for today. The rest of my afternoon was spent on watching movies. My brother in law was here. He needed help about picture. I did not know what kind of help because I was not really interested. My brother in law baked banana bread. Yum! That was good. I hope I can still remember how he made it. I am planning to make the same if and when I have time or if I feel like doing it. He was really patient of teaching me about little things. He also brought a lot of books for me. Gosh! I don’t know when I can finish reading all of them especially I’m kind of busy with my job. But anyway, there was no deadline hehehe. So I think I’m safe.


It is really nice to have sideline job for extra income. That was actually what I did this past Saturday. I was baby-sitting. It made me so tired at the end of the day though. I lost all my energy at the end of the day. But I’m trying to console myself by looking the bright side of it. And beside, it wasn’t bad. Payment was okay. And the good thing is they’ll pick me up and drive me home. Isn’t that sweet of them? Well, these families are really nice. They asked me if I can make it this 8th of November. Oh! This is going to be a long day. But I told them I have to check my schedule first. It’s still hard for me to work on weekend since this is the only time that I can be with my husband. My mind really wanted to work but body is saying no. But we’ll see.

Friday, October 10, 2008


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Tuesday, October 7, 2008



What happened in my classroom this morning was kinda scary. I couldn’t believe two people yelling at each other in my classroom in front of my kids. It was because of a very simple thing, simple thing which almost created a fire. I had no idea how the kids reacted about the situation or may be they were not aware of what was going on. Huhh.. I was scared that they won’t stop. I didn’t know what to do. I thought they gonna throw each other something. It would be a serious trouble. But I was glad when one of them decided to go to the office. And there it stopped. These people were acting like children. Hehehehe..

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I am home alone right now. I am kinda scared because it so windy outside. I am scared too that the power will go off because of the wind. My husband is so busy with his son fixing the computer, my husband’s friend’s computer. Right now, I don’t know where they go, maybe going to the store. I am bored while they are having fun. Huh! I already watched all the hero episodes from the internet. I should do something. I’ll just take a shower para mabugnawan ang akong ulo. Hehehehe…


I found it interesting how two people have the same way of expressing feelings. Yesterday at school, I put one of my favorite songs on a repeat because I wanted to memorize it. My new partner said, “Oh! This song is very sad. It makes me cry.” So, I said, “Yes, I know.” And then she told me that she needs a cd of that song and listen it at home. She also told me that everytime she gets sad she listens to sad songs and cry. And I said, “Oh man! That is exactly what I am doing when I am sad.” I told her how it helps me feel better and she feels the same way too. And we started talking about different things and it came out that we have the same point of view. Interesting! No wonder why we get along so well. We have the same color. If you know what I meant.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008