Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I spent my night watching my favorite tv show CSI MIAMI on DVD. We are still in Season 3. This is my favorite tv show but I’m not updated to what Season is on now. I really wanted to watch every episode of this show but they air it late at night, passed my bed time. And beside, I hate commercials. They ruin the whole show. So, I’m just gonna watch it on DVD. No commercial! You can go to the bathroom without missing any scene because you can pause. So, in short it is more convenient. I am so sad when I saw that episode that my man, H is killed. I hope he is not really dead. I hope.

Monday, September 22, 2008


It is true that Monday is not my favorite day. It is the first day after weekend and is very far from Friday. Everytime I wake up on Monday morning, I’ll always say, ”Oh, I can’t believe it’s Monday.” But today, it was different. My day was so calm and quiet. Everybody was happy. It is because my new kids do not come on Mondays. So maybe this day is my lazy day but at least it is good and happy at work. At least…

Friday, September 19, 2008



Transformers is one of my fav movies. I love how the story is made. I like the actors. I've seen this movie many times. And I am sure I will watch this again not just one more time but many times. This movie is full of drama that makes you cry. It has action that keeps you awake. It has comedy that keeps you smiling. And one thing I like most is it has good happy ending.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

TO RESTYN! myspace graphic comments
Myspace Happy Birthday Comments

R- estyn, my dearest sister

E- very drop of your tears is like needle poking in my heart

S- omeday, these tears will turn into joy

T- ime will change, problems will be solved

Y- ou are strong, I've known this since we were kids

N- ever give up, keep fighting 'coz I am here,
we are here for you.

I love you and Happy Birthday!


Few days ago, my partner at work brought a Disney songs cd. We were playing it almost everyday since she brought it in. I don’t know if my kids care about it, but all I know is my partner and I both like it. One thing that I like most in that cd is that the voice of our very own Leah Salonga is there. I am so proud, so proud to let people know about Leah Salonga and what a good singer she is. Wow, her voice all over the world. I don’t know if they can dig into the bottom of my heart and know how proud I am. But when I told them about her, they just said, “Really?” They knew the movie but not the people behind the characters who gave life to the movie. Well, can’t blame them, can you? But at least, now they knew. They knew that Filipinos are really gifted.

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I am this happy 'coz tomorrow is Friday. ITS FRIDAY!


I cannot believe how my day went today. We have a lot of new kids right now, almost half of them. They are still in the transition period. They are so sad, poor kids. Between outside time and lunch, most of the new ones were already tired. Can you imagine half my 12 kids were screaming? Some were crying and some were screaming for their food. Oh my, oh my! I cannot hear myself anymore. But I needed to be patient. After awhile they got their food they calm down. Oh, thank you. It was more peaceful during nap time. And I needed to clean up the classroom and wash all the toys. It hurt my back. Sometimes, I really wanted to quit in times like this. But I need a job. I need money for my family. Its always family. Yes of course. I was thinking of different kind of job but I don’t know what job. Makabuang… Ahhhhhhh……

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is Lana. She is one of my toddlers. Lana will turned 2 this 26th. I love this kid. I am so impressed of her. She is so smart. She talks like a 4yr old. Lately, that it’s almost her birthday, she keeps telling me this, “Miss Gerelyn, I will bring cake on my birthday.” She is funny. She already memorized a lot of rhymes and songs. Sometimes, we are telling her to stay in the library area, call her friends and read them some books. She will do it and her friends listen to her. She is imitating her teachers. One time she got upset and she said to her friend, “I asked you to sit down.” which we usually say after asking the kids a few times to do so. This girl cracked me up. She loves puzzles. She knows the letters and associates them with words. Her parents are so patient in helping her to learn all these. And I was trying to help them as much as I can. She will be moving to another classroom soon, since she is ready, way ready than the others who are 2yrs old already. And this will make me sad. I guess I’ve got to get ready for this. Huh…

Monday, September 15, 2008


It wasn’t very fun at work today. My kids were doing good though, listening most of the time but I was so tired. I did sleep ok last night. I mean better than the past Sundays. But I did not drink coffee this morning and I got cold, so either of these two could be the reason of my being tired. Well, at least I made it through the day. Hope I will be better tomorrow.

See you later guy!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It’s been a while that I did not talk to my family by phone, so I decided to phone them last night. I talked to my mama for nearly an hour. But I do not understand because everytime I talk to her, it makes me feel sad. May be because all I hear from mama is complaining about this and that, especially money budget since almost everybody is very dependent to mama. Early in the morning she is already in the bad mood because of the noisy kids (her grandchildren) running around the house. So every time I talk to her, it makes me feel guilty. I have not done enough. Well, I can’t blame my mama in the first place. Eventhough I send money twice a month, still not enough, so many mouths to feed, so many students to support. My brother and my sister just got a job. Its a good news though it’s not a high paying job. But at least it will add up to what I send to them. Plus, everything in the Philippines is very expensive now. Grrr… So, even if I send to them more 20,000 a month still not enough. I just feel so bad for mama. I think she needs a break.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008


We had a fun date today. My three friends (two of them are Filipinas and one is Vietnamese) and I went to dinner today. We’ve been planning this a month or so ago. But our Vietnamese friend who is our driver was busy but finally she had time today. We went to a Chinese buffet; eat all you can (sounds like makes me bigger). Well, I was not really impressed of their food. It was not bad but it was not good either. No wonder why no matter how I convinced my husband to eat there, he always says no. He prefers to pay expensive food ‘coz it’s good than paying cheap one and it’s not good. What impressed me was, you only pay this much but you can eat all the different variety of food which is to me was a good experience since I had no clue what are Chinese foods. Well, more than twenty dishes were displayed excluding the dessert. What we did was, we picked a small chunk in every dish. And from there try to decide which one is the best. But from testing all of them made us full already. So we had to relax and breathe and made ourselves ready for the 2nd round (which is the different kinds of fruits), then 3rd round (which is ice cream). Oh, I just looked at my ice cream. I can’t eat it. There was no more room. So went home with too full belly. Gosh! Too hard to breath. hehehe


I was trying to entertain myself though video karaoke when I heard a knock on my door. So, I stopped and opened the door. A young woman standing at my door asking for a cup of flour. She introduced to me her name which I can not remember. And I did the same. She said that she just moved in at the room 302 and she promised her little sister that she will bake for her but she is running out of flour. I was just wondering if how many rooms she knocked before ours since we are in room 309. Don’t get me wrong. To me, it’s kind of weird. But anyway, I gave to her the flour that I got. I hope what she is trying to bake turned to be delicious.

I thought my singing was bugging her ears. That is why she knocked on my door to keep me quiet. Hehehehe.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday, my favorite day. And may be almost everybody's favorite day. When Friday is near it means weekend is near, although weekend is not that long but at least I got two days to rest. For two days my mind is free from thinking about work stuff, from the crying kids, although I love them so much, injury report and others. Huh! Make me crazy sometimes. So many things to deal with. But, it's ok part of the job and part of the fun.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am so glad that they took the black plastic thing that they used to cover our windows. Our windows need to be fixed, so they had to cover the windows. Our living room looked like a cave for few days. It was very dark. You cannot tell if it is dark already unless you have to really check outside. But at least it’s over now. Although they are not done yet but the plastic thing is gone. People were coming in out of our living room this afternoon. I was happy when they said, “Bye. See you tomorrow.”, before my husband left to work. I don’t like men in my place especially if I’m by myself. Don’t ask. But to my surprise, after few minutes my husband left I heard knock on my door. Oh no! Two Mexican standing by the door saying they will fix the windows. What? After a while they left. And then another knock, four men standing there saying they have to check something. Give me a break guys. I thought you will finish this tomorrow. I am having fun with my video karaoke here. I don’t want to sing while you guys are listening. Hurry up please…