Friday, September 12, 2008


I was trying to entertain myself though video karaoke when I heard a knock on my door. So, I stopped and opened the door. A young woman standing at my door asking for a cup of flour. She introduced to me her name which I can not remember. And I did the same. She said that she just moved in at the room 302 and she promised her little sister that she will bake for her but she is running out of flour. I was just wondering if how many rooms she knocked before ours since we are in room 309. Don’t get me wrong. To me, it’s kind of weird. But anyway, I gave to her the flour that I got. I hope what she is trying to bake turned to be delicious.

I thought my singing was bugging her ears. That is why she knocked on my door to keep me quiet. Hehehehe.

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