Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is Lana. She is one of my toddlers. Lana will turned 2 this 26th. I love this kid. I am so impressed of her. She is so smart. She talks like a 4yr old. Lately, that it’s almost her birthday, she keeps telling me this, “Miss Gerelyn, I will bring cake on my birthday.” She is funny. She already memorized a lot of rhymes and songs. Sometimes, we are telling her to stay in the library area, call her friends and read them some books. She will do it and her friends listen to her. She is imitating her teachers. One time she got upset and she said to her friend, “I asked you to sit down.” which we usually say after asking the kids a few times to do so. This girl cracked me up. She loves puzzles. She knows the letters and associates them with words. Her parents are so patient in helping her to learn all these. And I was trying to help them as much as I can. She will be moving to another classroom soon, since she is ready, way ready than the others who are 2yrs old already. And this will make me sad. I guess I’ve got to get ready for this. Huh…

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