Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm sorry I was gone for few days. I mean I was not really gone but my blog was left behind. Well, Friday I was so tired after work. I took a catnap for few minutes. And then, I decided to watch that movie "Toy Story 3" when I woke up. I needed to since I don't have time to watch it during the weekend and I had to return it to the owner or her kid will kill me. After the movie, I had to do a little cleaning, just a little bit. I was just making use of my time while waiting for my family to arrive at the Internet Cafe. Friday night is our date night. We chat for a long time. And it was fun.

Anyway about my "Spring Roll Party", it turned out great. I had fun and I'm sure they had fun too. All we did was just eat and eat and eat. Instead of watching movie which was the original plan, we were just talking and laughing. That was how we consumed the time until they realized it was time for them to leave. They were so happy to come over and very thankful for the food. I was happy too and thankful for the fun I had with them. Maybe there is next time. Maybe.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Okay, my friends at work are coming to my house tomorrow. They are so madly in love of my homemade spring rolls. I brought some to work on Christmas Eve for my awesome co-workers. And phewww, spring rolls were gone in 60 seconds. I felt bad 'coz a lot of them did not get to try it. So, since then they keep bugging me when to bring more spring rolls. This one co-worker, every single time she sees me, she talks about spring rolls. "I want your spring rolls Gerelyn. When are you going to bring more?" I just usually give them my cutest smile. But now I have enough. So, I decided to have a Spring Roll Party tomorrow at my house. This made them so happy. And me? Nervous! I am not a good host. That's what I thought of me. But part of the plan though was to watch a scary movie. So, I think I'll be okay. And I will make some fruit salad and order some Thai Food.

Let's see if it's gonna be fun tomorrow. I promise I will let everybody know.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Happy Tuesday everyone!

It is almost the middle of the week which is good. Today was rough day at work. Although it is almost like this everyday, I am still not use to it. It is hard. This is the reason why I am always looking forward to the end of the week. I wish I only work on the weekends and earn the same amount of money as I work during the week. But, ugghh it's impossible. I still love my job though. I love my kids though they drive me nuts most of the time. Ahhhh work work work..... gotta love it.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I had to change my new password here. It's been so long and I almost forgotten about my blog. (Sorry about that). I tried to access to it but I can't. My password was forgotten. I have to create a new one. Thankfully, it was not that hard. I should keep it in mind that I have this spot right here where I can say something,express,emote,cry,laugh,go crazy if possible (in words only).