Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm sorry I was gone for few days. I mean I was not really gone but my blog was left behind. Well, Friday I was so tired after work. I took a catnap for few minutes. And then, I decided to watch that movie "Toy Story 3" when I woke up. I needed to since I don't have time to watch it during the weekend and I had to return it to the owner or her kid will kill me. After the movie, I had to do a little cleaning, just a little bit. I was just making use of my time while waiting for my family to arrive at the Internet Cafe. Friday night is our date night. We chat for a long time. And it was fun.

Anyway about my "Spring Roll Party", it turned out great. I had fun and I'm sure they had fun too. All we did was just eat and eat and eat. Instead of watching movie which was the original plan, we were just talking and laughing. That was how we consumed the time until they realized it was time for them to leave. They were so happy to come over and very thankful for the food. I was happy too and thankful for the fun I had with them. Maybe there is next time. Maybe.

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