Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Okay, my friends at work are coming to my house tomorrow. They are so madly in love of my homemade spring rolls. I brought some to work on Christmas Eve for my awesome co-workers. And phewww, spring rolls were gone in 60 seconds. I felt bad 'coz a lot of them did not get to try it. So, since then they keep bugging me when to bring more spring rolls. This one co-worker, every single time she sees me, she talks about spring rolls. "I want your spring rolls Gerelyn. When are you going to bring more?" I just usually give them my cutest smile. But now I have enough. So, I decided to have a Spring Roll Party tomorrow at my house. This made them so happy. And me? Nervous! I am not a good host. That's what I thought of me. But part of the plan though was to watch a scary movie. So, I think I'll be okay. And I will make some fruit salad and order some Thai Food.

Let's see if it's gonna be fun tomorrow. I promise I will let everybody know.

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