Friday, September 12, 2008


We had a fun date today. My three friends (two of them are Filipinas and one is Vietnamese) and I went to dinner today. We’ve been planning this a month or so ago. But our Vietnamese friend who is our driver was busy but finally she had time today. We went to a Chinese buffet; eat all you can (sounds like makes me bigger). Well, I was not really impressed of their food. It was not bad but it was not good either. No wonder why no matter how I convinced my husband to eat there, he always says no. He prefers to pay expensive food ‘coz it’s good than paying cheap one and it’s not good. What impressed me was, you only pay this much but you can eat all the different variety of food which is to me was a good experience since I had no clue what are Chinese foods. Well, more than twenty dishes were displayed excluding the dessert. What we did was, we picked a small chunk in every dish. And from there try to decide which one is the best. But from testing all of them made us full already. So we had to relax and breathe and made ourselves ready for the 2nd round (which is the different kinds of fruits), then 3rd round (which is ice cream). Oh, I just looked at my ice cream. I can’t eat it. There was no more room. So went home with too full belly. Gosh! Too hard to breath. hehehe

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