Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I got bad hit and good hit today. Let’s start with the bad first. Well, our assistant director came up to my classroom today and told me that we are going to have another art exhibit. It is not really a big deal to me until I learned about the date. It will happen this Friday. Are you kidding me? How can we do this within two days period? You know where our arts go? Huh! I told her that it is too close to the deadline. Then, she told me that she informed me two weeks ago? What? I did not remember that. I did not remember her coming in, telling me or us about this coming exhibit. She reasoned out saying, “Well if it wasn’t you it was your partner that I told.” But my partner did not know about this, not until I told her. I found out from the other teachers that they were just informed today too. I don’t know. This makes me crazy. I don’t know why they are doing this.

Good hit!

I got a camera. It just made me happy because I got it for free which is to me is really good deal. Although it wasn’t know since my husband does not want me to buy my own camera. He wanted me to use his. It is not very comfortable for me using his camera. I wanted my own. But I am glad that I was being patient. Now I got the reward a good camera for free.

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