Wednesday, February 18, 2009


These are my three little toodlers who moved to the next classrooms. I miss them being in my room. Although I visit them sometimes for couple minutes in their new room but them being with me the whole day is really different. I am glad that they are having fun with thier new teachers and friends. Good luck guys! This is Giovanni. We call him Gio-gio. He loves being tickled. He is my sweet Gio-gio.
This is Maggy. Sometimes we call her Mag-mag. She is smart and sweet. She loves to talk. She just turned 2 last month but she talks very well. You'll love talking to her.

And lastly my Thomas. He got a lot of necknames. We call him Tommy, Tom or T. You will love him talking. He is also very smart. Ask him question and he'll sure answer you. He is also sweet.
We miss you guys...

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