Sunday, February 10, 2008


We just came back from the Philippines about 3 days ago. Oh boy! It was a very nice trip. My husband and I were having a great time. My family, relatives, friends and neighbors were so happy to see both of us and so do we. Tears were running down our cheeks as we gave each other hugs and kisses. What a great feeling being with your family and with those people who care for you. We brought for them some clothes, hats, candies and chocolates which the kids loved so much and even the big ones. These are simple things but these gave them so much joy.

Since, we stayed in a hotel, we can't be with my family 24 hours. But, we spent most of our time with them. We had dinner together, took them to the mall, took them to the park and visited our relatives. We had a party one day and invited all our neighbors. They were so happy. It was really fun. And I am so glad that my husband enjoyed our vacation. People there welcomed him. And for sure they miss both of us already. Well, we miss them too.

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