Monday, February 11, 2008



My mom lives in a place very far from town. The only way to get town and back is by riding Habal-habal. This type of transportation is now very popular in my mom's place and other places where jeepneys are not available.

During our last visit to the Philippines, my husband and I were riding Habal-habal every night to town where we can catch taxi back to the hotel. At first, I was so worried since he is not used to riding motorcycle on a rocky road. But I think he trusted the Habal-habal driver who is my brother. He even rode on it even if the Habal-habal doesn't have lights. To him, it was an adventure. I am glad that he was having fun riding Habal-habal.

(To those who have no idea what Habal-habal looks like, the above picture is for you.)

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