Monday, March 31, 2008


I really don’t know how to describe what I feel right now regarding my work. I mean work in general is fine. I love my kids so much and I know they love me too. It’s my new partner who is giving me headache. She is one of those strange people, hard to understand. It is sad because she does not help very well. The worse thing is, she acts like a boss telling me to do this and that even when I’m busy and her, just standing doing nothing. Well, I’ll ignore her pretending I did not hear what she said until she’ll do it. She loves to talk. So, it’s pretty normal huh, since women have two mouths. But, when you are talking and forget that you have kids to take care of, I think it’s not okay anymore. I don’t know, I’m not excited to go to work anymore. I am so scared that may be tomorrow or the next day I may loose my patience. PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE. This is one of the virtues that I pray for everyday.

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