Sunday, March 23, 2008


I got a text message from my sister in the Philippines saying that our brother in law was shot. He was walking on a dark street by himself with his cellphone in his pocket, a cellphone which cost only 1,800. Two guys on a motorcycle swung by and put a gun on his side saying, “All we need is your cellphone.” Without hesitation, my brother in law gave his cellphone to them. But then these crazy guys shot him on his side right after they got the phone. They fired three more shots but my brother in law managed to jump though he is already wounded. Then these crazy guys drove away. My brother in law managed to get up and found a motorcycle (habal-habal) to take him home and tell his family what happened to him and to take him to the hospital. Right now he is in a hospital. His whole family is praying for his recovery. He has a wife and three kids.

Why there are people who can do brutal things like this? Are they really poor and starving or they are just high on drugs? To all who have read my entry, I want you to be aware and be vigilant day and night no matter where you are. I don’t want this to happen to you. In my personal observation, it seems that good guys are always in danger. Maybe because bad guys thought that good guys tend to panic, get scared, can’t fight back and just run away if they can like what my brother in law did.

Be careful and be watchful!

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vivien said...

Hi Ghe, sorry about what happened. Paita sa, gihatag na ang cellphone tapos, namusil pa gyud mga addict gyud to ay. maayo gyud ning naa tay ato pusil aron maka defend ta sa ato kaugalingon pod. Pait na gyud ang panahon karon