Friday, March 14, 2008


I am so stuck to this book that I am reading right now. It is a Washington State Training and Registry System which is mandated by the Washington State Legislature. It is a basic training which every child care personnel is required to undergo. After gluing my eyes to a page or two, questions follow. Some answers are found in the book itself and some need to be researched somewhere. I don’t know. After overworking in school, I don’t want to deal with this book anymore. “I am so tired and bored of this!” That is what I wanted to scream. Bad news is, it has a deadline. And the line is almost dead which I really do not care so much for now. LOL! It’s my crooked English. But seriously, I really hate this. This is giving me headache. How I wish this fairy will do something by the power of her wand. So help me fairy. For real huh! (I’m just borrowing my co-worker’s favorite expression.)

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