Thursday, March 6, 2008


I was surfing in the internet this afternoon to keep my eyes and my mind busy. I know I have things that I should get done which are more important than just surfing the internet. But my whole self is tired of working, my body hurts and my brain does not work well. Oh ohh. You think I’m crazy huh? I am not, at least not yet. Hehehe. I mean, when your body is tired, you don’t want to think of another work to do that will make you more tired. But anyway, where am I now? Here we go. Yes, I was surfing and found the picture above. It reminds me back then when I was teaching. It is almost graduation time. This month is a very busy month, especially this very week. A lot of things need to be done: grades, rankings, forms, graduation practice and etcetera. And in addition to these works, here come parents complaining why their kids are not awardees. Huh! It’s part of the fun being a teacher. And if you are the chosen one to be the emcee, which happened to many times, that is a plus burden. It was stressful but I miss it.

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