Monday, May 18, 2009


I got this award from my friend Vivien. Vivien and I are friends for more than 3 years. We came from the same island, Cebu. I knew her through a friend. It was a blessing. We met a few times when we were still in Cebu. And we stayed in the same hotel in Manila when we were processing our k1 visa in which she was of great help. We’re both in US right now but in different states. But we still communicate. She is far from me and I am far from her. But you know what? She is my closest friend and a dear friend.

Anyway, thanks for this award Vien. God bless your.
And give this award to my co-bloggers: tipsandcara and Marley


T1Q-NO said...

thank for award. keep our friendship day by day.
i take this award......

Vivien said...

Hi Ghe! Makahilak man pod ta ani uy! hu huh huh! Joke lang! Bitaw uy, you are one of my closest friends here in the U.S. It was such as blessing to know and have you as a friend! God bless u my friend

MarlyMS said...

Sure I will get this meme. I appreciate you sharing this with me ghe.

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