Friday, January 16, 2009


I had fun talking to my family tonight. I think we talked for over 3 hours. I can’t believe it was that long. It only seemed an hour to me. I was so glad to see mom’s face, my sister’s and my niece’s. Thanks! The internet was working for us tonight. I was frustrated last Saturday. We scheduled to chat and when they went to this café’ there was no computer available and they waited for a while. Then, they decided to find another one. But they were not lucky because there was no internet connection. I waited for them until midnight but they finally gave up. Well, maybe it wasn’t our chance. And today we finally got it. It was so nice to hear mom talking about my nieces and nephews especially the younger ones, how fun they are, and that they can do this and that, hearing about my other sisters and brothers. It made me miss them so much and I wanted to fly home just to see them and hug them. I am glad though that everybody is in good health. I hope we can finalize our plan to visit to the Philippines this year and see my family once again. I think of this all night. In fact, when I have trouble sleeping I think of them, I think of myself being with them until I fall asleep. I think I got coco in my head now. I hope I can visit home soon. I hope.

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