Monday, November 10, 2014


Did everyone have a great weekend? Mine was fine. I spent my Saturday doing laundry while watching the TV show Bones. Then babysat the twins at night. It was really fun! It was also nice to earn extra money. I just realized how much I miss those kids. They are getting bigger, smarter and funnier. I took a couple of videos of them with their silliness. It was such a quiet night for me and I love it that they were listening so good. I am looking forward to see them again. My Sunday was just pretty normal! My husband and I did a little bit of grocery shopping. He spent most of his Sunday with his car, doing some stuff on it. I also had to finish my laundry. I was able to watch movie. I have not seen a movie in a while. I have been watching a lot of my TV show. The movie was a nice change. It was a good movie too. And today, ahhh.. so tired again! I spent my day with the one year old kids running around with them. I had so much fun though. My boss is trying to convince me to work in this classroom. I don't know if I want to. I know this age is such a fun age but I could not decide right now yet. It sad though 'coz I came home with a headache and the back of my neck is aching. What a life. It is not easy to earn money.

That is all for now! I hope we all are going to have great week!

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