Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Working long hours is not fun, especially when it's not counted as overtime. Today I had to work 11 hours straight. I am so tired. I was already falling asleep on the bus on my way home. The energy left in me was only enough to cook for my husband's food for him to take to work. That's all. I had to order food for my dinner and for my stepson's. It does not make me happy everytime they schedule me this way. It's not very often though. It's hard to say "no" because first, I want to have a good review. And second, they asked me nicely. So I said "okay". But with all the cleaning and stuff I am doing in my room alone, working more than 8 hours is way too much. I will be sent home 3 hours early tomorrow for the 3 hours of overtime today. I'm thinking when I get home, I'll go straight to bed and sleep. Yeah right! As if it will happen.

Anyway goodnight everyone.

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