Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The phone rang at around 3:00pm. I did not pick it up thinking it was some kind of tele-marketing since it was too early for my friends to call. But I was waiting just in case the caller will leave a message. And she did. "Hello! This is Liezel from the Philippine Consulate. This message is for Gerelyn Tundag." Huh! I was so scared. The moment I heard the Philippine Consulate, I knew it was about the processing of my Passport Extension. My hand was shaking as I picked up the phone. I was hoping it was not a bad news since my husband had already bought the tickets for our trip to the Philippines. Then she started explaining..... gosh, I thought I was going to faint when she told me she can no longer process my application because my passport was already expired. I have to renew it, they need my appearance and the process will take 6 weeks. How in the world can I do that in 6 freaking weeks? We will be leaving on the 9th of April. I wanted to cry and scream. I honestly told her how frustrated I am since we already got the tickets. I know it's my fault and not hers. She said she is going to send my papers back. "Okay!" This is what I said. What else can I say? So, we said our goodbyes. I felt like my heart was about to explode. I wanted to cry but tears won't come out of my eyes. I was frustrated, mad and sad not to anyone but to myself. So, I picked up the phone again and called my husband at work. Maybe he can calm me down. I thought. But I did not get hold of him. Oh joy! Whatever. I decided to continue doing my stuff.

Few minutes later.....

The phone rang again. I picked it up this time expecting my husband's voice. No, it wasn't. It was a woman's voice. It was Liezel from the Philippine Consulate. She called again to deliver a good news this time. Oh, thank you God! This time it is a good talk and a good news. She said she will consider processing my application since we already got the tickets with conditions. The conditions are not the hardest thing to do. So I gave her my word. I am so grateful that she considered it. Now, I am relieved. I just have to do those things that I needed to get done and fax them to her to complete my application.

Liezel, may GOD bless you. It is really nice to know and meet people, people like Liezel who is understanding and considerate.

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