Monday, February 7, 2011


I hope everyone had a good weekend. My weekend was a little bit busy. I had a really good sleep from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon. I mean I did not sleep the entire time but I slept most of it. Friday after work I was so tired. I guess my job is really burning up all my strengths. Sometimes, I really, really wanted to just raise my arms and surrender. But I can't. I need money. So yeah,just keep moving. Then Saturday from 6pm to 12 midnight I was baby-sitting. Extra money for me. Plus I love these twins so much. They are supper cute. And I had fun. Then Sunday I slept almost the whole day. Damn! I was a little bit sad because I did not get to practice my driving. My husband said he was tired. I have nothing to argue about that. I wish I am allowed to practice alone. I probably have my license now. But unfortunately I can't. So I have to depend on my husband. But it's okay. It's better to take it slowly.

I have to stop for now. I have things that I needed to do for work.

Have fun all!

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