Thursday, September 10, 2009


I had my doctor’s appointment today. I was so damned scared. Well, I am so worried about my health. Worried but too scared to go to the doctor to find out what is going on. I guess I am just a coward. I was even terrified to tell my husband about what I feel. He just knew about it this Saturday. But finally I got the courage to see a doctor and talked to her of course with my husband’s help about the pain in my abdomen which been bugging me for years.

In the clinic, the nurse checked my blood pressure. I saw her eyebrows raised. And I sense something is going on. So I said, “High blood?” And she said yeah! Well, I am not surprise this runs in our family or could be from being so nervous. When she was done, the doctor came. I told her about my condition. She did a personal check up. She did check my breast and said they are fine. I was relieved. Then, she did the Pap smear. It was my first time so it was really awkward. But it wasn’t really as bad as what I think. She said my cervix is fine. But she recommended to have an ultra sound because my problem could be in my ovaries. And this is really what I thought. She told me not worry and there is nothing serious about it. Well, I am kind of 60% relieved now. I still have to do the ultra sound though. And this worries me. But I am hopping for the best. I will pray to God that everything will be okay.

I am so thankful for having a husband who is very supportive and positive. He gave me strength when I was so scared in the clinic.

Thank you my Dear. I love you.

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Vivien said...

Don't be scared, Ghe. It is good to know what's going on with our health. The hypertension could be due to nervousness. But it is good to have your cholesterol level checked. How are you? I tried to call you yesterday but nobody answered. Call you back soon. Take care, my friend.