Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We are leaving in about two weeks from now for Philippines. That is why I was really busy shopping lately. In fact my husband and I spent our weekend at the store. We bought more than 10 pairs of shoes for my brothers, sisters and nieces. And don’t even think that I am done shopping. Not yet! I did shop more stuff today. I got off work early so I had time to go to the store and bought some clothes for my nieces and nephews, the little ones. Gosh! Shopping worn me out. I spent more than two hours at the store. And still I am not done yet. I still have to shop for mama and my two sisters in law. I know it is more expensive shopping for pasalubong here than in the Philippines but I just want to buy some things here for them. My husband was laughing because most of the stuff here is made from the other countries. This weekend I bought a blouse and when I got home I found out that it was made from the Philippines. I think my family does not really care where they are made from. But I just want to make them happy by bringing something from here. I hope I can finish my shopping this weekend. Then, I can start packing.

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