Thursday, March 26, 2009


I woke with a sore throat today. And I think I have a fever. But I am just ignoring it. I am sure I got this one from work. Our cook has been sick. I talked to her today and found out that we have the same symptoms. My kids at work have been throwing up and having diarrhea. Scary! But so much for my health. I got home late today because I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck. How I wish my work has a direct deposit so that I don’t have to go to the bank. It is so annoying. I have to walk plus I have to wait for the bus which sometimes does not show up on time. I want to cry. I really don’t know if my husband will teach me how to drive. May be not. But, I managed to get home. I got sadder when I found out something and even sadder when I found out another thing. It is breaking my heart. I hate it when I wanted to cry but I can’t How I wish I can share these to you guys but I can’t since these matters are personal.

Anyway, hoping that writing something here would help ease the pain I feel right now. I know I need to rest well but I don’t know if I can. How can I?

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Just Dream said...

If u really sad jut let your self fr crying, sometimes crying can lift a little of your burden.
Find out a happy thing, hope u will better soon