Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I easily get stressed out especially at work. I am easily carried out even with simple things. I am too emotional, too vulnerable. Maybe people do not realize how much they hurt me inside. Damn! I’m too good hiding my feelings though deep inside I’m so hurt. But of course, I have to pour the pain out by crying when I’m alone. I don’t want my whole self to explode. Crazy me! I can speak but mute. In the since that I can not express what I felt inside. This is driving me loco. But this is me, the real me. So, I have to accept it. So instead of torturing myself on my down moments, I’ll just sing. I love singing, though my voice is not that good. Well, I’m a great pretender but it’s hard to pretend being a good singer. This singing thing became my pastime now. I am so glad that my friend Vivien gave this site where you can do video karaoke. Oh I love it. If I’m not very busy doing things for work, I spend my time singing. I even sometimes forget to check my blog. LOL.

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Vivien said...

Hi Ghe! I miss talking to you on the phone. Musta naman ka? Just hang on there.. ana man gyud ng life. Naa mga tawo nga insensitive. Segi have a great day, my friend. I was glad that you still enjoy the videoke. hehe. Talk to you later... God bless