Tuesday, August 19, 2008


One of the reasons why I was busy last few weeks is this exhibit going on at work right now. We were given two weeks notice to prepare. We were asked to pick at least two best artworks of our kids for this. It was kinda hard for the waddler-toddler teachers. It is kinda hard to pick for their best art because of their age and for the limited time. If only we do not return their artwork every week there would be plenty to choose. But I was thankful because our themes for those weeks were easy and the kids can do some of them, not perfectly though. So, after choosing their best two artworks, we have to decorate them. Now, my understanding of this is to make them presentable for the exhibit. So, I mounted them with construction paper, cut some papers and made cool edging for them. The result, they really turned out great. The assistant director was really impressed. It was a great feeling. I spend much time doing them and working so hard. I heard some teachers saying that my work made theirs looked dumb. Well, sorry if I really offended them. I did not mean to do it.

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