Friday, June 13, 2008


I am so relieved now. At last I had finished my STARS training which was due a long time ago. I did not feel bad though of finishing it this late because I’ve got a lot of school things to do everyday. And besides, I found out after giving us another deadline which was today, all of us who were doing the STARS training were not finished yet. Well, after that second deadline, I spent sleepless nights researching from books, internet and even asking some individuals just to finish it. And yes I did. I wanted to celebrate by going shopping but I felt lazy. Bus routes and bus schedule made me lazy. So I decided to go home to kiss and to say goodbye to my husband before he left work. That felt good. I decided to cook and maybe watch movies after. But the latter did not happen. After I cooked I sat at the computer, picked up the phone and talked to my family. Well, I just realized I forgot to send them money last pay day. Poor mama! I was just busy. But anyway she got the money now. Hayyy…

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