Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I finally had the courage to talk to my boss today and express my unhappy feelings regarding having different teachers everyday. My boss is really nice. She listened to me. And I was so touched when she told me this, “Gerelyn, we don’t want you to go anywhere. We love you. The kids love you. The parents love you. What do you want us to do? Who do you want to be in your room?” They promise me that they’ll do something about it. And I’m hoping that tomorrow is going to be different. I was really scared. It was my first time complaining to my boss ever since I started working. It made me emotional. I hate it. But it’s me, crying me. I can’t stop it. After weeks and weeks of keeping these emotions, it made me full. And I have to let them out. But at least I did it.

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BlueStar said...

It's good to hear that you've finally speak out what you've pent up so far =)

Well, no one knows what's gonna happen if there's no action taken. Sometimes we might think that the outcome of our action will be poor, unfavorable or just bad, but no one knows if we don't take action to voice it out =D As in your case, it seems like things go on much better than you've thought these while ^^ this is good!

Do keep in touch, oh ya, leave me some opinions about my current blog's situation.. i'm gonna make some changes, as well as some upgrades for it, but first of all, your opinions count! ^^ I'm collecting suggestions before changing anything =)

Thanks in advance, and hope to see you around~