Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A lot of my friends love cooking. They love to make different kinds of food or even desserts. They even shared to me their knowledge of cooking. But I don't know why, but for some reasons, my food does not taste as good as theirs EXCEPT for the desserts. Hmmm... I love desserts. And Fruit Salad is one of my favorites. Oh! I love it. Every time there is a family occasion, (birthdays or fiestas) check it out, Fruit Salad is always present. Well, can you blame me? It's just that I am a salad woman. I love fruits. I love sweets even though I am already sweet enough.

Anyway, to those who are like me, who love Fruit Salad, this is what I just found. Check this out http:/http://www.grouprecipes.com/s/fruit-salad/recipe/1/relevancy.

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