Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Christmas is almost here! I am not really sure of my feelings right now. I love Christmas!  This is my most favorite holiday. But in these fast few years it brought me joy as well as sadness. I spent my Christmas during these years with my husband. I love him so much but I miss my family. He tries so hard to make me happy during my favorite holiday but somehow something is still missing. A piece of my heart is lost somewhere. I guess there is no place like home during this holiday. I miss my family especially during this time. We are very poor. We can not prepare tons of food like others, no presents, no new things and yet we make this a very happy and a memorable one. I wish I can go home and spend my Christmas with them. Someday... someday...

Merry Christmas to all. Give your family a big hug. You are fortunate because you are with them on this very special day!

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