Monday, July 6, 2009


Yesterday, my husband and I went to the marina. When we got there his brother was already waiting and getting ready to sail. He just got this boat not long ago. My brother in law loves boat. He buys boat and do some stuff to it and sell it. I don’t know if he’s going to sell this boat soon. But anyway, I got excited because it was my first time sailing. I was scared too that I might got sick and puke and everything. But to my surprise I did not. I got a little headache. And that’s about it. It was funny they let me help by holding those ropes which have a different names. I was like what is that? What are you talking about? It was cool that I was a captain for a little bit although I almost hit the barge. Hahahaha.. I got scared at the same time when the boat is leaning to the side looked like it was about to tip over. Wow! But over all it was fun. And it was different weekend for me and my husband. We are planning to go on sailing again this Saturday. Can’t wait.

Here are some pictures which we took during the sailing:

This is the marina where we go to
Just me being silly.

My husband and his brother.

I guess my brother in law likes the fruit salad I made.

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