Saturday, July 12, 2008


I just want to express my guilt right now. I am supposed to be at work today washing cars. No, this is not my sideline job. Our school-age group is planning on a field trip but the parents can not afford it because the budget is little high. So, the teacher came up to this car washing idea to raise fun which is actually a good idea. They asked me couple weeks ago if I’m willing to volunteer. I said yes not knowing the date yet. Too bad because yesterday the assistant director asked me if I’m coming and what made it bad? I answered her yes before asking her when. It turned out that the car washing was today. I was tired. My mind and my body were not ready for this. Or in short, I was being lazy today. I can still feel the guilt right now. Are they going to fire me for this? Or if they won’t, may be they won’t trust me anymore. Well, que sera. May be I should start looking for another place before it’s tooooo late.

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